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Founded in 2016, ForwardX is a globalized AI company

registered in both China and the United States.

ForwardX committed to building the robotic brain of the AI era, utilizing deep learning to redesign robots. Since foundation, we have adhered an engineering culture that is sincere, passionate, and imaginative.

With Perception (Vision) -- Planning (Brain) -- Controlling (Cerebellum) system as the core technical logic, and the devotion of 100+ highly educated engineers and top scientists, we continuously come up with robotic solutions that serve the enterprises and all the customers with visual perception and true intelligence.

The products we have introduced include an enterprise product visual-based Autonomous-Mobile-Robot (AMR) and a consumer product side-following suitcase -- Ovis. We have established a stable and reliable supply chain and manufacturing relations, aiming to bring more products to everyone's life.

Perception Planning Controlling



Our team consists of top award winning computer vision scientists
and automation senior experts who are highly respected in the AI industry.

Forbes: ForwardX Designed An Autonomous Robot Suitcase With Facial Recognition


A Beijing startup named Forward X is hoping its self-driving robot suitcase belongs in the latter camp. Having made its debut at the Las Vegas trade show to positive coverage, the Ovis is ready to hit the global market with a crowdfunding campaign that starts today.

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