Robots: They’re Taking Our Unwanted Job Openings

One trending story that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is “the labor shortage.” Everywhere you look you’ll see another article about another business or industry that is being hurt by the labor shortage. While this might be new for some industries and may have been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, it’s actually […]

5 Ways AMRs Are Transforming Material Handling Workflows

The Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) can hardly be considered a new form of automation today, and it certainly isn’t an untested one. Over the past few years, everyone from leading corporations to regional SMEs have been piloting the innovative technology with impressive results. Here are five ways AMRs are changing the material handling workflows of […]

Warehouse Robotics Startup ForwardX Raises $31m in First Series C Close

ForwardX Robotics, a Beijing-headquartered company that makes autonomous mobile robots (AMR), said Tuesday it has closed the initial tranche of its Series C funding round as it looks to expand globally. The startup is fundraising for the rest of its Series C round at a time investors are courting warehousing and manufacturing robot makers in […]

2021 Mobile Robot Report

Analyst Report: Interact Analysis The 4th edition of the well respected Interact Analysis market report provides insight and analysis into the mobile robot industry. The report is focused on material handling applications in manufacturing and logistics environments, which accounts for the bulk of AGV & AMR revenues. Learn more

Goods to Person Solutions 2021

Analyst Report: STIQ Style Intelligence STIQ (Style Intelligence) completed 73 stakeholder interviews to generate a view of what really happened in the warehouse automation sector during the pandemic and what the future may hold for the sector. For the 2021 report, it has included interviews with global retailers to include the customer angle.  Read more

Industrial Robotics for Material Handling

Analyst Report: ABI Research The report helps readers understand the differences between the 10 leaders in automated material handling for the industrial space and gives a breakdown of competencies that define success in modern automated material handling; from advanced navigation, to charging solutions, to having a distributor network. Read more

ForwardX Robotics Closes Series B with a Total of $63m in Funding

Led by CDH, Eastern Bell, and Dohold Capital, the Series B round is the largest raised by a person-to-goods AMR solution provider. ForwardX Robotics, a leading developer of AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots for warehousing and manufacturing environments, announced it has closed its Series B funding by raising another round of more than $38 million led […]

How Many Robots Are Too Many?

AI that can follow a person seems like a simple enough task. It’s certainly a simple thing to ask a human to do, but what if people or objects get in the way of the robot following behind a person? How do you navigate an environment that’s in a constant state of change? About a […]

How ForwardX Deployed 5G AMRs to China’s TCL

ForwardX, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has provided additional details around the deployment of dozens of its Max 300 Lift AMRs to automate the movement of materials across the production facility at the Huizhou factory of Chinese multinational electronics company TCL. The AMRs connect and communicate through a 5G network, which was set up […]

How AMRs are offering collaborative work in warehouses

AMRs are designed to empower humans to be more productive and efficient. By taking on the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks within a warehouse or factory, AMRs ensure that humans can operate safely, efficiently and have more enjoyment at their work. It is quite often heard that ‘robots are taking jobs’ or ‘they are not […]