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Nicolas Chee Bio

Nicolas Chee is the Founder and CEO of ForwardX Robotics, a global autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and warehouse solutions provider. Before beginning his postgraduate degree in Integrated Circuits from Beihang University, Nicolas competed in and won China’s prestigious Robocon Competition, an international robotics competition that attracts the most talented students from programming, mechanical design, and electronic circuit design majors across Asia. After completing his master’s degree, Nicolas joined SAP as a Project Manager and Senior Business Consultant, working there for close to 5 years before moving to Oracle to head up its SaaS division as a Regional VP. While at Oracle, Nicolas’s hard work resulted in a number of honors, from being recognized as a Global Top 100 Performer and China’s Top 10 to being awarded a Global President’s Club membership. After six successful years at Oracle, Nicolas conceived his vision of the future and, in April 2016, founded ForwardX Robotics committing himself to his vision. Since its early beginnings, ForwardX has devoted itself to pushing the envelope technologically and putting new technologies to the test. As a company with a clear technological advantage, Nicolas saw ForwardX as a pioneer of the automation industry with a responsibility to deliver mature solutions that could provide tangible benefits.

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