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How ForwardX Deployed 5G AMRs to China’s TCL

ForwardX, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has provided additional details around the deployment of dozens of its Max 300 Lift AMRs to automate the movement of materials across the production facility at the Huizhou factory of Chinese multinational electronics company TCL. The AMRs connect and communicate through a 5G network, which was set up as part of TCL’s 5G+ Smart Factory Initiative.

The company said the project has resulted in improved productivity across the production process, less labor dependency for material handling, and a quicker inventory turnover.

TCL’s operation center acts as the central point of TCL’s global supply chain and manufacturing. With the second largest production capacity in the world, the facility decided to utilize 5G and intelligent robotics to help “elevate its performance to a new level.”

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