Top 3PL Company Cosmetics Warehouse

4,000 SKUs 57% UPH Increase 64,600 Sq ft Warehouse Pain Points Providing mainly B2C logistics services, workflows were complex With roughly 4,000 SKUs from 5 merchants, the warehouse ships about 2,400 daily orders. Picking intensity and error rates (2%-5%) were too high Required a large number of temporary hires during peak season, which inflated recruitment […]

SF DHL: A World Renowned Motorcycle Parts Warehouse

8000+ SKUs 38%+ UPH INCREASE 35% SHIPPING COST REDUCTION FOR PACKAGING & DISPOSAL 52,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Pain Points High Labor Intensity Complex Workflows High Labor and Recruitment Costs The Solution SF DHL and ForwardX deployed the project in just two weeks. The solution was designed to cut the picking time and reduce unnecessary steps, […]

ITOCHU Logistics

113% UPH INCREASE 99.99% PICKING ACCURACY 52% OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS 54,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Pain Points Complex Workflows High Error Rate Fluctuating Seasonal Demand High Recruitment and Training Costs The Solution ITOCHU worked with ForwardX to come up with a Flex solution. The project deployed in just two weeks. The warehouse was able to cut […] Chain Store Warehouse

53%+ UPH INCREASE 645 PEAK UPH 33% OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS 108,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Pain Points High Error Rate Fluctuating Seasonal Demand Rising Recruitment and Training Costs The Solution To address rising costs in recruitment and training, needed a solution that would simplify workflows and save on overall operational costs. collaborated with ForwardX […]

LI & FUNG: ECommerce Warehouse

Customer Testimonial /wp-content/uploads/vid/case/4.66e%20Li%20&%20Fung%20Warehouse%20VO.mp4 Solution Overview 81%+ UPH INCREASE 500 ORDERS PER HOUR 1300+ LINES PER HOUR 27,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Pain Points Labor Shortage High Picking Intensity Complex Workflows The Solution The solution consists of 45 AMRs and f(x) Fleet Manager. The AMRs automate all the rack movement, eliminating the need for manual trollies […]

SF DHL: Coffee Distribution

200% UPH INCREASE 99.9% PICKING ACCURACY 43% OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS 75,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Download the pdf The Solution DHL partner, SF Supply Chain China, is the leading supply chain service provider in China. It currently has warehousing and logistics facilities in more than 80 cities and provides multi-channel warehouse distribution for B2B and B2C […]