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ITOCHU Logistics

113% UPH INCREASE 99.99% PICKING ACCURACY 52% OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS 54,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Pain Points Complex Workflows High Error Rate Fluctuating Seasonal Demand High Recruitment and Training Costs The Solution ITOCHU worked with ForwardX to come up with a Flex solution. The project deployed in just two weeks. The warehouse was able to cut […] Beverage Warehouse

133% UPH INCREASE 90% ERROR RATE REDUCTION 400% WAREHOUSE CAPACITY INCREASE DURING PEAK HOLIDAYS 70,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Download the pdf Pain Points Rising Recruitment & Training Costs Fluctuating Seasonal Demand High Error Rate High Consumer Expectations The Solution and ForwardX came together to create a solution that consisted of ForwardX Max AMRs and […]

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