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Top 3PL Company Cosmetics Warehouse

4,000 SKUs 57% UPH Increase 64,600 Sq ft Warehouse Pain Points Providing mainly B2C logistics services, workflows were complex With roughly 4,000 SKUs from 5 merchants, the warehouse ships about 2,400 daily orders. Picking intensity and error rates (2%-5%) were too high Required a large number of temporary hires during peak season, which inflated recruitment […] Cosmetics Warehouse

108,000 SQ FT WAREHOUSE 23 AMRS 30% OPERATIONAL COST SAVINGS 46% UPH INCREASE Pain Points High Labor & Recruitment Costs Complex Workflows High order volume The Solution and ForwardX came up with a solution using ForwardX’s Sky Eye System and 23 Flex AMRs. The solution was launched in just two weeks with no warehouse […]

World’s Largest Cosmetics Company

40%+ UPH INCREASE 99.99% PICKING ACCURACY 25,000+ DAILY UNITS PICKED 53,800 SQ FT WAREHOUSE Pain Points Low Picking Efficiency High Labor Intensity The Solutions ForwardX successfully deployed over 10 AMRs in the group’s Suzhou warehouse to realize an intelligent person-to-goods picking solution. The picking area is about 53,800 square feet. After 1 month of on-site […]

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