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ForwardX Omni-fleet AMR Debuts at LogiMAT 2024

“Committed to enhancing human potential and operational efficiency on the global scale, ForwardX envisions a future where intelligent robots and deep learning algorithms play a pivotal role in intralogistics around the globe. Adhering to the highest safety standards, ForwardX continues to set benchmarks in the AMR industry.”   Stepping into the spotlight at LogiMAT 2024, ForwardX Robotics, […]

ForwardX Robotics Delivers Compact Power With New Max 1500-L Slim AMR

ForwardX Robotics’ latest autonomous mobile robot, the Max 1500-L Slim, is compact yet can lift incredibly large payloads. The new AMR is part of the company’s Max Series for logistics and manufacturing. Well-known autonomous mobile robot (AMR) developer ForwardX Robotics has recently expanded its Max line of AMRs to include the Max 1500-L Slim. These […]

ForwardX Robotics Introduces Max 1500-L Slim

ForwardX Robotics, a provider of vision-based autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and warehouse solutions, introduced the Max 1500-L Slim. Designed for both warehouse logistics and manufacturing environments, the compact unit stands just 245mm (9.6 inches) tall, and offers a payload capacity of 1500kg (3,306 pounds). The Max 1500-L Slim also features a state-of-the-art obstacle detection and avoidance system, […]

ForwardX Robotics Reveals New AMR Model

ForwardX Robotics, which specialises in vision-based autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has unveiled a new compact model designed for warehouse and manufacturing environments. The Max 1500-L Slim is 245 mm (9.6 inches) tall, with a payload capacity of 1,500 kg (3,306 pounds). ForwardX Robotics founder and chief executive Nicholas Chee says: “We firmly believe that this […]

ForwardX Introduces New 1500 kg Slim Profile AMR

Global warehouse solutions provider ForwardX Robotics is introducing its latest innovation, the Max 1500-L Slim. This new AMR is designed for both warehouse logistics and manufacturing environments. The Max 1500-L Slim offers an impressive payload capacity of 1500 kg (3,306 pounds) and stands at just 245mm (9.6 inches) tall. This unique combination of low profile and payload […]

ForwardX Robotics Unveils New 1500-kg Payload Warehouse Robot

ForwardX Robotics, a provider of vision-based autonomous mobile robots and warehouse solutions, has launched the Max 1500-L Slim, its latest innovation. Designed for both warehouse logistics and manufacturing environments, the new AMR is set to revolutionize material handling, delivering “unparalleled versatility and efficiency”, according to ForwardX. With its compact yet powerful build, standing at just […]

ForwardX Robotics: Next-Gen Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions Provider

With its visionary visual navigation AMR and world-leading cluster scheduling system, as well as exceptional global sales, service, and operational capabilities, ForwardX Robotics’ rise to prominence cannot be ignored. ForwardX Robotics, renowned as a pioneer and leader in the field of visual Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), is hailed as a key player in the fourth […]

ForwardX Robotics Unveils New Autonomous Mobile Robot for Warehouses

ForwardX Robotics, a vision-based autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and warehouse solutions provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest cutting-edge addition to the esteemed Flex product series: Flex 60-SW. This innovative AMR, equipped with automatic weighing scales along with an interactive touch screen, will revolutionize picking accuracy in the warehouse. The anticipation surrounding […]

Top 10 Mobile Robotic Stories of September 2023

From big acquisitions, to new mobile robot releases, to exciting deployments, there was no shortage of mobile robot news in September. Here are the 10 most popular robotics stories on The Mobile Robot Guide in September 2023. Subscribe to The Mobile Robot Guide Newsletter to stay updated and have the news delivered straight to your inbox. 6. ForwardX Robotics outweighs […]

ForwardX Robotics Collaborates With DHL to Support Shipping Expansion

Your next cup of coffee could be in part thanks to robots. ForwardX Technology Co. last week said that it has collaborated with DHL Supply Chain to deploy assisted picking systems in a flagship warehouse that provides daily replenishment for about 600 chain coffee shops in a single city. “By leveraging our solution, the DHL […]

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