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Warehouse Automation: An Essential Imperative

Warehouse automation can equip facilities with tools that enhance productivity, maximize efficiency, minimize errors due to manual product handling, optimize the throughput of their logistics processes, foster a safer working environment and avoid stockouts. Busting the myth that robots can only be used in large-scale warehouses, Nicolas Chee, CEO and Founder, ForwardX Robotics told Team […]

2021 Mobile Robot Report

Analyst Report: Interact Analysis The 4th edition of the well respected Interact Analysis market report provides insight and analysis into the mobile robot industry. The report is focused on material handling applications in manufacturing and logistics environments, which accounts for the bulk of AGV & AMR revenues. Learn more

Goods to Person Solutions 2021

Analyst Report: STIQ Style Intelligence STIQ (Style Intelligence) completed 73 stakeholder interviews to generate a view of what really happened in the warehouse automation sector during the pandemic and what the future may hold for the sector. For the 2021 report, it has included interviews with global retailers to include the customer angle.  Read more

Industrial Robotics for Material Handling

Analyst Report: ABI Research The report helps readers understand the differences between the 10 leaders in automated material handling for the industrial space and gives a breakdown of competencies that define success in modern automated material handling; from advanced navigation, to charging solutions, to having a distributor network. Read more

LogIQ™ Market Quadrant 2020

Analyst Report: LogisticsIQ Industry players may use this market quadrant for multiple purposes to make better business decisions regarding subjects such as vendor selection process, competitive landscape analysis, product benchmarking, mergers and acquisitions, investment & funding, and marketing and lead generation. Read more

Warehouse Automation: Forecast to 2025

Analyst Report: LogisticsIQ LogisticsIQ’s latest post-pandemic market research study  estimates that the Global Warehouse Automation Market will reach the milestone of $30B by 2026, at a CAGR of ~14% between 2020 and 2026. Analysis is validated through 100+ in-depth interviews across the value chain with components and technology providers, system integrators & manufacturers and end-user […]

IDC Market Glance: Digitally-Enabled Robotics, 2Q20

Analyst Report: IDC This IDC Market Glance provides a glimpse at the current makeup of the digitally enabled robotics market landscape. Digitally enabled robotics is IDC’s vision of robotics as a critical enabler for the digital enterprise, and in the context of IDC’s vision for the Future of Operations. Learn more

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