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Robotics as a Service (RaaS) Catching Fire

Not only do some autonomous mobile robot suppliers see robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) as their go-to way of providing solutions, the model is starting to catch on for other, larger forms of robotic systems with more fixed infrastructure. RaaS appeal may depend on industry, says Yaxin Guan, chief operating officer of AMR vendor ForwardX Robotics, which offers […]

Mid-Year Recap: Notable Trends in Retail and the Path Ahead

From leveraging changing consumer behaviors to harnessing data, and embracing new technologies, retailers are adapting to meet the demands of today’s consumers. Retailers continue to invest in and explore the metaverse, and an increasing number of brands are stepping forward to leverage the few good bits like AR/VR/mixed reality. However, challenges persist as questions arise […]

How Many Robots Are Too Many?

AI that can follow a person seems like a simple enough task. It’s certainly a simple thing to ask a human to do, but what if people or objects get in the way of the robot following behind a person? How do you navigate an environment that’s in a constant state of change? About a […]

How AMRs are offering collaborative work in warehouses

AMRs are designed to empower humans to be more productive and efficient. By taking on the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks within a warehouse or factory, AMRs ensure that humans can operate safely, efficiently and have more enjoyment at their work. It is quite often heard that ‘robots are taking jobs’ or ‘they are not […]

How 2020 catalyzed the rise of the robots

The global robotics industry is now worth more than US$100 billion. But that figure is set to double by 2025. The stock of industrial robots operating in industries around the world today is the highest it’s ever been — 12 million robotic units worldwide in 2020 Robotics were on the rise, but the pandemic has […]

Low-risk robots: Behind the RaaS model

Robots as a service: why more companies are taking the plunge, what’s available in Canada and what’s ahead COVID-19 has brought many issues to the forefront for Canadian manufacturers, among them an unstable labour situation and the unforeseen costs of distancing, disinfection and other new safety protocols. Addressing the labour issue, which was already a […]

What Does the Robot-as-a-Service Model Look Like for Warehouse Automation?

The Robot-as-a-service business model has become increasingly popular, as companies like ForwardX Robotics and Mobile Industrial Robots are exploring different business models to reach out to potential customers. Industrial automation and intelligent robotic solutions have proven to be beneficial for warehouse automation and inventory management. Their adoption rates have risen sharply due to high commercial […]

The Next Generation of Warehouse Labor

Working side by side, robots and humans reinvent warehouse work. At the Wurth Adams warehouse outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, a shuttle system brings products to employees, who then pick the items they need to complete their orders. “It’s a goods-to-human system,” says Ken Misch, managing director of operations for the west region. Wurth Adams is part […]

Robots are taking over during COVID-19 (and there’s no going back)

With workers sidelined, automation firms are aggressively touting their technology. Timing is everything. Robots, it seems, are lucky that way. The global pandemic has sidelined workers across an unthinkable swath of sectors during a particularly tight labor market. Automation solutions that were unthinkable a twenty years ago have blossomed thanks to the convergence of technologies […]

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