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ForwardX Introduces New 1500 kg Slim Profile AMR

Global warehouse solutions provider ForwardX Robotics is introducing its latest innovation, the Max 1500-L Slim. This new AMR is designed for both warehouse logistics and manufacturing environments. The Max 1500-L Slim offers an impressive payload capacity of 1500 kg (3,306 pounds) and stands at just 245mm (9.6 inches) tall. This unique combination of low profile and payload capacity allows for easy navigation and maneuverability in even the most confined spaces.

One of the Max 1500-L Slim’s standout features is its vision-based obstacle detection and avoidance system, which covers a full 360 degrees. This perception system enables the AMR to navigate complex environments, adapt to changing environments and avoid potential obstacles. Its self-driving capabilities ensure safe and efficient operations, even in high-traffic areas, without the need for human intervention.

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