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ForwardX Robotics Outweighs the Competition with the New Flex 60-SW

ForwardX Robotics, a global vision-based autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and warehouse solutions provider, announced the launch of its latest cutting-edge addition to the Flex product series: Flex 60-SW. This innovative AMR, equipped with automatic weighing scales along with an interactive touch screen, will revolutionize picking accuracy in the warehouse. The company demonstrated the new robot publically for the first time at the recent Logistic-Tech Tokyo 2023.

Picking precision for warehouses is crucial to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, cost management, and brand reputation in the highly competitive e-commerce fulfillment market. Flex 60-SW’s automatic weighing scale integration revolutionizes picking workflows, streamlining operations, and eliminating errors. Real-time weight measurements allow warehouse staff to use the AMR to accurately identify and pick the right items, improving efficiency and reducing costly mistakes. Customers can customize the touch screen and software with informational visuals, bar codes, item quantities, etc.

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