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ShipSage and ForwardX Robotics Team Up to Provide Cutting-Edge Alternative to FBA

ForwardX Robotics, a global warehouse automation solutions provider and one of the world’s leading autonomous mobile robot (AMR) providers, and ShipSage, an omnichannel fulfillment solutions provider announce their strategic partnership that is an innovative alternative to FBA. The joint solution integrates ForwardX’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), the ShipSage warehouse management software and 3PL services into a single streamlined fulfillment solution.

“Fulfillment strategies must evolve post-Covid due to changes in customer expectations. Until now, the latest technologies and solutions were only available to enterprise level businesses. We are excited that our strategic partnership with ShipSage immediately addresses the issues that eCommerce businesses are now facing and provides an innovative alternative to FBA.” says ForwardX Robotics CEO, Nicolas Chee.

ShipSage CEO, Ben Pu elaborates, “By integrating the ShipSage technology stack and logistics services with the ForwardX Robotics AMR solutions, we enable our sellers to deliver the same level of customer experience as FBA for all their orders. This is a game-changer in eCommerce fulfillment.”

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