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ForwardX Conveyor AMRs


Conveyor AMRs are suitable for transporting and handling a variety of containers including boxes and pallets. They can be incorporated with your existing production lines or automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS).

Our Conveyor AMRs are extensions of our Flex and Max series. Depending on your business needs, these AMRs can be customized to include up to two layers and two rows of rollers, such as one row on the bottom layer with two rows on the top layer.

Conveyor AMRs

Flex 300 Conveyor

Up to 2 layers and 2 rows

Max 600 Conveyor

1 layer and 1 row


AS/RS Docking with Flex Conveyor

AS/RS Docking with Max Conveyor

Flex 300 Conveyor
 Up to 2 layers and 2 rows
Max 600 Conveyor
1 layer and 1 row
Length1050 mm (41.33 in)1539 mm (60.59 in)
Width650 mm (25.59 in)1450 mm (57.09 in)
Height1186 mm (46.69 in)341.5 mm (13.44 in)
Max. Payload50 kg (110.23 lbs)280 kg (617.29 lbs)
Load SizeL: 650 mm × W: 365 mm × H: 200 mm
(25.59/14.37/7.87 in)
L: 1,200 mm × W: 1,200 mm × H: 1,000 mm
(47.24/47.24/39.37 in)

L: 1,000 mm × W: 800 mm × H: 1,000 mm
(39.37/31.50/39.37 in)
Load Height1st layer:555 mm (21.85 in)
2nd layer:1,150 mm (45.28 in)
610 mm (24.02 in)

* The information, pictures, and claims made in this document are for reference purposes only.


Flex Series

Scalable, flexible, and adaptable to fit your mixed piece- and case-picking needs

Max Series

The powerhouse bringing all the flexibility of Flex to your heavier case- and pallet-picking needs

Apex Series

The most intelligent autonomous forklift, creating a safer and more productive warehouse floor

Lynx Series

Redefining flexibility in the automotive industry with fully autonomous, heavy duty material movement

f(x) Fleet Manager

The only operating system connecting to hundreds of robots and your existing systems

Our Mission

Using our AMRs and deep learning software algorithms, our mission is to add value to people’s lives and businesses’ operations. We envision a future where a network of intelligent robots enhances human potential and allows businesses to become the best employers they can be.

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