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The picking proccess might be the most important aspect in warehouse logistics. It encompasses the selection and gathering of the necessary items from storage shelves for shipment. This article aims to delve into the concept of each picking in warehouse logistics, shed light on the difficulties encountered with traditional manual methods, and highlight some of the advantages of ForwardX’s Assisted Picking Solution.

What is Each Picking?

Each picking, referred to as piece picking or item picking, entails the process of individually selecting specific items or products from designated storage locations within a warehouse. It encompasses locating the required products, gathering them, and preparing them for shipment or subsequent processing.

Challenges of Traditional Picking Methods:

Traditional warehouse picking methods present a series of challenges due to their labor-intensive nature and time-consuming processes. Workers often find themselves traversing long distances within the warehouse to retrieve items, resulting in inefficiencies.

One such method is Paper-based picking, where a physical list or invoice is provided to the picker. A manual walk through the warehouse is required to locate the specified items indicated on the list, followed by the manual picking of these items from the shelves or racks. The selected items are then placed in a bin or cart for further processing. However, this method faces several obstacles that can hinder efficiency and productivity.

Firstly, high labor costs and worker fatigue are common issues with traditional picking methods. The extensive physical exertion and lengthy travel distances lead to reduced productivity and increased employee weariness.

Moreover, inaccuracies and errors tend to arise in paper-based picking. Human errors in reading the list, locating the correct items, or recording information can result in incorrect fulfillment and shipment of products, leading to dissatisfied customers and financial loss.

Lastly, traditional methods often suffer from inefficient space utilization. Workers may spend significant amounts of time searching for items, leading to unnecessary delays and congestion in the warehouse. This inefficiency can also hinder effective inventory management and contribute to a disorganized storage system.

It is evident that traditional manual picking methods must overcome these challenges to improve overall efficiency and optimize warehouse logistics. This is where innovative solutions like ForwardX’s Assisted Picking Solution come into play.

ForwardX's Assisted Picking Solution

By integrating AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots)  into the picking process, warehouses can experience improved productivity, increased accuracy, reduced labor costs, and enhanced inventory management. ForwardX offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses inbound, picking, and outbound processes, delivering a streamlined and efficient warehouse operation.

Under ForwardX’s assisted picking system, warehouse shelves are divided into specific sections, with each section assigned to a dedicated picking worker or operator. These operators are responsible for material picking within their designated picking island. The AMR plays a crucial role in this process, as it follows the optimal path to the assigned picking island, guiding the operator to efficiently pick materials from their designated areas. The picked items are then placed in the corresponding storage material box on board the AMR. Once the picking of all goods is completed, the AMRs automatically move on to the next work stop, ensuring a continuous workflow and minimizing downtime.

Real World Examples:

ForwardX has a proven track record in delivering each picking solutions across various industries and employing a variety of picking strategies and workflows.

ForwardX’s assisted picking system caters to multiple picking workflows, including single order picking, batch picking, and discrete order picking. This flexibility ensures that the solution can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of different warehouses and operations.

Single Order Picking Case Study

Discrete Order Picking Case Study

Batch Picking Case Study


In the rapidly evolving world of warehouse logistics, there is a pressing need to transition from traditional picking methods to smarter, more intelligent solutions. ForwardX’s assisted picking solutions with AMRs help address this need by providing safe, efficient, and dependable alternatives. By leveraging innovative vision-first AMRs, businesses can transform their traditional picking operations into more advanced, technologically-driven processes. With a wide range of mobile robots and autonomous forklifts tailored for various picking strategies and product types, ForwardX offers the perfect partnership to unlock the potential of smarter, intelligent picking for the future.

If you’re aiming to drive productivity and efficiency in your warehouse or manufacturing facility, regardless of its size, ForwardX Robotics offers cutting-edge AMR solutions that can revolutionize your operations. Experience the transformative power of automated material handling technology and unleash a whole new realm of possibilities for your business.

Contact us to learn how we can help you enhance your operational efficiency while significantly reducing costs.

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