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CES 2019: The robot revolution (for real) and untearable pantyhose are finally here

The Ovis Suitcase from ForwardX Robotics is a bit more on the practical side of things and falls into my “I wish I had this before I left for CES” category.

Here are 5 cool products not to miss at CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 floor opens on Tuesday morning, but CNBC’s Todd Haselton got a glimpse of what’s coming at a preview event named CES Unveiled on Sunday evening.

I Tried The $800 Robot Suitcase So You Won't Have to

I Tried The $800 Robot Suitcase So You Won't Have to

The elephant in the room at tech's biggest show? The trade war with China

The elephant in the room at tech's biggest show? The trade war with China

AI stars at CES trade show

Even you don’t follow AI, AI will follow you!

Self-rolling suitcases and roll-up TVs: CES 2019’s craziest and coolest gadgets

The suitcase that follows you like a puppy has been a long-running CES fantasy. This one, from a company called ForwardX, looks the closest to actually delivering.

How AI is making business travel better

Scheduled to roll out sometime this year, crowd-funded Ovis by ForwardX is a battery-operated rolling suitcase.


That could change soon with the ForwardX Ovis, which we were quite impressed with at CES this year.

We're inside the world's biggest tech show with

We're inside the world's biggest tech show with

17 cool gadgets seen at CES 2019

The Ovis Suitcase on display at the ForwardX booth. The suitcase will automatically follows the user at their side as they walk.

5 coolest things we've seen at CES so far

How cool is that? A Chinese company named Forward X brought the "self-driving" CX-1 suitcases to the Sunday CES Unveiled gathering, a sneak peek at new products that will be displayed beginning Tuesday when the trade show floors officially open.

The ForwardX CX-1 suitcase followed me around CES 2018

Meet the ForwardX CX-1, a self-propelled suitcase that will tag along behind you through airports and hotels, and doesn't even what a tip.

CES 2018: A seeing suitcase and other AI-enhanced gadgets

"Artificial intelligence" appears to be the buzz phrase at this year's CES tech trade show in Las Vegas. Rory Cellan-Jones saw a suitcase that follows its owner among other gadgets that are boasting machine learning smarts.

The ForwardX Ovis Is The First Smart Suitcase Custom-Built To Follow You

CES 2018 brought with it a deluge of smart appliances, larger-than-life screens, and a bevy of notable tech that will begin rolling out throughout the course of the year. (Suit)case in point? The recently unveiled ForwardXCX-1, an autonomous piece of luggage that’s designed to follow you around as you make your way from point A to B, and everywhere in between……

This Beijing Startup Designed An Autonomous Robot Suitcase With Facial Recognition

The annual trade show CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a deluge of smart appliances, many of which do things totally unnecessary--case in point, the talking A.I.-powered toilet--but there are some products that legitimately excite the masses and prove to be of real-world use……

The Ovis Smart Luggage Followed Me Around So Well I Might Buy It

Walking around our office, with a suitcase rolling itself by my side, I attracted a few shocked looks, as if colleagues' internal monologues simply read "WHOA!" That bag was a pre-production model of Ovis, a $399 (available for pre-order now on Indiegogo) smart suitcase that is actually pretty smart……

ForwardX AI Self-Following Suitcase

ForwardX is making a smart suitcase that uses a self-driving algorithm and AI to follow you around using gestures and voice commands……

ForwardX Raises $10 Million For AI-Powered Luggage That Follows You

“It’s a sight-follow suitcase,” ForwardX COO Yaxin Guan told VentureBeat in an interview. “You don’t need to pull it — it just auto follows you.” Guan said that it generally stays next to you, but when there’s an obstacle it can automatically move behind you so that it avoids obstacles using “the same strategy as you do, and once it passes an obstacle it will come back ……


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