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ForwardX Mobile Robots Pick 15M Units During China’s Singles’ Day

Shoppers in China spent $132.6 billion with Alibaba and on Singles’ Day, Nov. 11. In comparision, U.S. consumers spent a total of $19.6 billion across retailers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2021. “11.11,” also known as Singles’ Day, has gained traction with Chinese consumers, as hundreds of brands such as Apple, Nike, Walmart, Samsung, Lowe’s, Michael Kors, and Urban Outfitters offer promotional deals for the holiday.

ForwardX said it helped more than 100 warehouses meet e-commerce demand last week, with its autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) picking over 15 million units. One warehouse using the company’s AMRs shipped 6X its average orders on time.

This year, ForwardX and collaborated in multiple warehouses to meet the intense picking workloads that come with the sudden spike in demand. AMRs assisted with picking heavy cases, home appliances, and mixed small and midsized goods.

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