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ForwardX Robotics Debuted at Smart Factory + Automation World (SFAW), Released a New Intelligent Autonomous Forklift

On March 8, 2023, SFAW opened in Seoul, South Korea. ForwardX Robotics, the pioneer of computer vision AMRs and the No. 1 person-to-goods solution provider in Asia, made its debut in South Korea with its flexible person-to-goods picking solutions for the logistics industry and its end-to-end material movement solutions for the manufacturing industry. The company showcased multiple versions of its AMRs, including Flex and Max variations, as well as its new autonomous forklift.

The flexible person-to-goods picking solutions for the logistics industry greatly improves the picking efficiency, reduces the labor requirements, and significantly lowers the operational costs. At present, the solution has been successfully applied in 200+ commercial projects, covering 15+ countries and regions. For the manufacturing industry, ForwardX Robotics presented the world’s leading end-to-end material movement solutions. The solutions cover the transportation management of the whole operation process of the manufacturing industry, helping enterprises optimize the turnover of material and capital, and transforming factories into digitalized smart factories.

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