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ForwardX Robotics Forms Strategic Partnership in Europe with Voyatzoglou and EuroFit

MARCH 2024 – ForwardX Robotics, a global leader providing “assisted picking” autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions, proudly announces its partnership with Voyatzoglou as the official distributor in Greece and EuroFit in Romania. This strategic alliance marks a transformative era for warehouse automation in the region.

Voyatzoglou (VOSYS:ATH), a distinguished leader in furnishing equipment solutions for retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers since 1992, brings its extensive expertise to propel the adoption of ForwardX Robotics’ full line-ups and advanced solutions. This collaboration extends to Romania, with Voyatzoglou’s subsidiary, EuroFit, playing a key role in distributing ForwardX AMRs in the Romanian market.

“This collaboration holds paramount importance in ForwardX Robotics’ 2024 Go Global strategy. Through partnerships with industry leaders worldwide, we aim to deliver superior and more efficient logistics automation solutions to clients globally,” affirmed Nicholas Chee, CEO of ForwardX Robotics.

As warehouse and manufacturing automation progresses in the Greek and Romanian markets, ForwardX Robotics’ innovative “assisted picking” solution delivers exceptional value with minimal capital investment, effectively tackling challenges such as labor shortages and enhancing order fulfillment efficiency. Advanced fleets of AMRs autonomously travel to picking points, drastically optimizing case and piece picking operations by minimizing unproductive walk time for workers. Furthermore, ForwardX’s Apex series of autonomous forklifts, which exceed CE-MD safety standards, automate pallet movement with unparalleled safety and reliability. These forklifts seamlessly collaborate with AMRs to deliver a comprehensive, one-stop intralogistics solution.

“ForwardX Robotics and the VOYATZOGLOU Group are poised to redefine the landscape of warehouse automation by providing reliable, robust, and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses in Greece and Romania,” commented Nikos Voyatzoglou, Chairman of the Group.

ForwardX’s commercially proven solutions enable rapid deployment without requiring alterations to facility floors or layouts, and serve a diverse array of industries, from small-scale logistics operations to large-scale manufacturing processes, spanning 3PL, eCommerce, retail, healthcare, grocery, home furnishing, automotive, advanced manufacturing, and more.

As ForwardX’s Omni-Fleet of AMRs provides the world’s most comprehensive range of products, including autonomous forklifts, this strategic partnership will deliver one of the safest, most reliable, and economical automation solutions available, setting new standards for operations in the region.

About Voyatzoglou

VOYATZOGLOU Group is a Greek company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, with a presence in Greece and Romania. It holds a leading position in providing comprehensive solutions in the retail sector as well as in warehousing, logistics, and intralogistics (4.0 & 5.0) for small and large-scale supply chain facilities and distribution centers.

The vision of VOYATZOGLOU Group is to offer a wide range of high-quality and innovative integrated solutions, enabling clients from various sectors to consistently and satisfactorily meet all their needs for products and solutions from a responsible and reliable provider.

In recent years, the company has demonstrated dynamic growth in the fields of automation and robotics through partnerships in the Greek and international markets. The Group employs more than 180 professionals specializing in pre-sales, engineering, and logistics. For more information, please visit

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