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How 2020 catalyzed the rise of the robots

The global robotics industry is now worth more than US$100 billion. But that figure is set to double by 2025.

  • The stock of industrial robots operating in industries around the world today is the highest it’s ever been — 12 million robotic units worldwide in 2020
  • Robotics were on the rise, but the pandemic has shifted things up a gear as businesses realize the increased value in automation

It’s been exactly 100 years since the word ‘robot’ was coined by a Czech playwright — the word meant ‘forced labor’.

Fast forward a century later, advances in sensors, speech recognition, and computer vision — combined with shrinking hardware costs — have made these fictional beings, real machines. Even in the last few decades, robots have quietly accelerated largely from the confines of sci-fi fantasy to viable real-world deployment.

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