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Case Picking Solution

Unique Heavy Payload Picking Solution

Trends and Challenges

As margins fall, the need to reduce shipping and handling costs means that bulk distribution continues to offer significant advantages. Yet with a lack of flexible solutions, case picking remains one of the most strenuous tasks in the warehouse.

Redefining Efficiency and Streamlining Your Operations





5-9 Months


1 Month


Our Different Picking Modes

Label Picking

No carrier required: Goods are loaded and unloaded directly onto and from the AMR.
Order type: ECommerce & single item orders with no need for secondary packaging.

Pick Task Assignment
Order Pick
Unload Goods

Discrete Order Picking

Pallet: Goods are loaded directly onto pallets which the AMR autonomously picks up and drops off in designated areas.

Pick Task Assignment
Order Pick
Unload Goods

Our Solution: Before & After

Suitable for medium-sized goods and case picking scenarios. Effectively solving multiple pain points by reducing labor intensity, increasing picking efficiency, decreasing error rates.


  • Labor intensive workflows lead to increased fatigue and may result in safety hazards
  • Increase safety of goods and employees with full 360° obstacle detection and avoidance


  • Labor intensity is high
  • Employees cover long walking distances
  • Sorting efficiency is low
  • Reduce labor intensity
  • Reduce walking distances by up to 60%
  • Increase picking productivity by up to 200%


  • High labor turnover
  • High recruitment & training costs
  • Save up to 50% in operational costs
  • Expect an ROI in 5–9 months


  • Other automation solutions are rigid & difficult to change with a growing business
  • Keep your warehouse exactly as it is
  • Let AMRs adapt to your growing business
  • Scale up for peak season with ease

Recommended Deployment

  • f(x) Fleet Manager
  • Max Series AMRs
  • PDAs

Meet the Robots

Max Series:

The powerhouse bringing all the flexibility of Flex to your heavier case- and pallet-picking needs

Max 600

Max 600-L

Our Mission

Using our AMRs and deep learning software algorithms, our mission is to add value to people’s lives and businesses’ operations. We envision a future where a network of intelligent robots enhances human potential and allows businesses to become the best employers they can be.

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