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ForwardX Max
Series AMRs


The Max series brings the flexibility of Flex and the piece picking swarming method to your heavier case- and pallet-picking workflows.

With a payload capacity of 1,322 lbs and available lifting functions, Max is suitable for picking tasks, pallet movement, and more, limiting forklift operations and eliminating long-hauls with heavy carts or pallet jacks.

1,322 lb Payload

One of the highest payloads offered among AMR-enabled picking solutions


High payload capacity makes Max suitable for case- and pallet-loads

Spacious Load Surface

Maximum load surface up to 54.33x35.43 in

Larger Goods Case Picking

Large surface makes Max the most versatile AMR for your lager goods

360° Obstacle Avoidance

Equipped with laser scanners, depth cameras, 2D cameras, and more


Full 360° obstacle detection and avoidance means guaranteed safety

Lifting Functionality

Equipped with lift functions for racks or pallets

Autonomous Rack & Pallet Movement

Autonomous pallet or rack pick-up and drop-off significantly reduces labor intensity

Multiple Configurations

Can be configured with handheld devices, printers, etc.


Connect to existing tech for guided workflows and seamless integration


Max 600

Max 600 brings the flexibility of the Flex series to the larger and heavier goods in the warehouse. Max 600 is ready for pallet- and case-picking for B2B retail store replenishment and B2C eCommerce Fulfillment.

Max 600-L

Max 600-L is equipped with a lifting function, that allows the AMRs to autonomously locate pallets or larger racks and work with forklifts to automate receiving, putaway, replenishment, and shipping workflows.

Max 1500-L Slim

Max 1500-L Slim is designed for case picking applications. With full 360° obstacle detection and avoidance, a loading capacity of 1,500 kg (3,306 lbs), highly precise docking capabilities and lifting functions for pallets and racks, it excels in safely and efficiently transporting medium-sized and heavier goods in case picking scenarios.


Case- and Pallet-Picking

Rack and Pallet Movement

Workstation Docking

Max 600 Max 600-L Max 1500-L Slim Max O2500-L
Length 1,380 mm (54.33 in) 1,380 mm (54.33 in) 1,250 mm (49.21 in) 2,100 mm (82.67 in)
Width 900 mm (35.43 in) 900 mm (35.43 in) 850 mm (33.46 in) 1,100 mm (43.30 in)
Height 320 mm (12.60 in) 335 mm (13.18 in) 245 mm (9.64 in) 310 mm (12.20 in)
Ground Clearance 25 mm (0.98 in) 25 mm (0.98 in) 25 mm (0.98 in) 30 mm (1.18 in)
Turning Diameter 1600 mm (62.99 in) 1600 mm (62.99 in) 1294 mm (50.94 in) 2,239 mm (88.14 in)
Weight 260 kg (573lbs) 380kg (837lbs) 250 kg (551 lbs) 700 kg (1,543 lbs)
Max Payload 600 kg (1,322lbs) 600 kg (1,322lbs) 1,500 kg (3,306 lbs) 2,500 kg (5,511 lbs)
Load Surface 1,380×900 mm (54.33×35.43) 1,200×720 mm (47.24×28.34) 1200×830 mm (47.24×32.67 in) 2,100×1,100 mm (82.67×43.30 in)
Lifting Height 60 mm (2.36 in) 60 mm (2.36 in) 145 mm (5.70 in)
Navigation Mode Natural / Road Network / Hybrid Natural / Road Network / Hybrid / Follow
Positioning Mode Laser SLAM / Visual Semantics/ Optional QR Code Navigation
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) Yes
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ax) Optional
Cellular Network (Public 4G/5G) Optional
Cellular Network (Private LTE) Optional
Endurance ~10 hrs Per Charge ~9 hrs Per Charge ~8 hrs Per Charge ~7 hrs Per Charge
Battery Type LFP LFP LFP LFP
Battery Swap Yes Yes Yes
LiDAR 2 2 4 2
UWA Cameras 1 1 1 2
Marker Camera 2 3 1 2
3D Cameras 2 2 Optional (0-2) Optional (0-1)
QR Code Cameras-downward 1 1
Odometer 1 1 1 1
IMU 1 1 1 1
Audio Yes
Lights Yes
Safety Bumper Yes
Emergency Stop Button 2
CE Yes Yes Yes Optional

*The information, pictures, and claims made in this document are for reference purposes only

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Our Mission

Using our AMRs and deep learning software algorithms, our mission is to add value to people’s lives and businesses’ operations. We envision a future where a network of intelligent robots enhances human potential and allows businesses to become the best employers they can be.

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