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Industry Overview 

Empower Your Workforce


Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are in constant demand as they help companies accomplish more and reach wider audiences. With a dwindling labor pool, rising rent costs, and more complex consumer demands, warehouses need to increase efficiency and decrease operational costs to stay competitive.

ForwardX provides flexible and scalable solutions that will adapt to your current warehouse layouts and workflows while providing actionable insight with our unique AI algorithms for further optimization.


ECommerce made a big leap in 2020 and it isn’t going away. Consumers expect fast and accurate deliveries with increased transparency. Companies need to be able to meet next-day, and even same-day, delivery expectations and be ready for more returns. This means more complex, labor intensive workflows and more room for error, hurting revenue goals.

ForwardX AMRs increase picking accuracy and productivity while alleviating much of the stress for employees and warehouses to deliver on consumer expectations and stay competitive.


Retailers face a variety of challenges including increasing SKUs, more regional individualized needs, higher labor costs, a dwindling labor pool, and rising eCommerce and omnichannel trends. Companies need to deliver on fast and accurate deliveries and constantly improve their supply chain to stay competitive.

ForwardX offers flexible, scalable, and adaptable solutions to increase picking efficiency and accuracy while simplifying workflows and providing real-time data with actionable insight.


The health and personal care industry is constantly evolving. Medical and technological advancements, a new consumer focus on health and transparency, and keeping up with the latest fads mean a constant need for brands to upgrade, change, and add new SKUs to their lineup. Constant change means complex workflows.

ForwardX solutions offer the flexibility to grow and change with your business needs. Our solutions can be scaled up or down with seasonal shifts and are built to deal with a mix of small to large goods while reaching 99.99% picking accuracy.


The grocery industry deals with goods of all shapes, weights, and sizes with an immense variety of SKUs. Consumer demand has made a large shift to online shopping with same-day delivery expectations amid a growing labor shortage. This leads to complex workflows and high labor intensity, exasperating the effects of a labor shortage.

ForwardX offers solutions to deal with both piece picking of smaller goods and case picking of larger, heavier items to increase the accuracy and productivity of your existing workforce and resources while decreasing labor intensity.

Home Furnishings

The home furnishing industry is facing a shift to omnichannel and eCommerce fulfillment amid labor shortages. High labor intensity due to the often large and heavy goods leads to higher labor turnover and higher recruitment and training costs.

ForwardX is the only AMR solution provider with extensive experience in mixed and large goods picking solutions. Our solutions increase accuracy and productivity while decreasing labor intensity to create a more enjoyable and profitable warehouse.


Warehouses looking to improve operations need to be able to integrate new solutions into their existing processes. ForwardX AMRs are built with this in mind to provide the best products we can for our customers.

The ForwardX f(x) Fleet Manager is already being integrated with customers’ existing warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS). We’ve deployed projects where the AMRs work alongside robotics arms, dock to AS/RS and conveyors, and work with put walls or pick-to-light systems. Our robots even autonomously communicate with roll-up doors or elevators to ensure they can complete their tasks anywhere in your facility.


The worldwide supply chain disruption of 2020 changed the way manufacturing facilities assess the supply chain. Health and safety became an even bigger concern and companies looked to data-driven inventory management to be able to quickly adapt to uncertainties.

ForwardX offers material handling solutions with 360° obstacle avoidance to ensure the safety of everyone involved while providing real-time inventory data with actionable insight.


Hospitals are constantly evolving with continuous technological and medical advancements. However, this leads to long and strenuous hours for staff as they try to deliver the best aid they can for their patients. A large number of drugs, equipment, clothing and other transport needs preoccupy the already busy medical and nursing staff, affecting efficiency.

ForwardX has launched a hospital logistics intelligent transportation solution to help medical and nursing staff to safely and reliably complete material transport and reduce labor intensity that runs 24/7.

Our Mission

Using our AMRs and deep learning software algorithms, our mission is to add value to people’s lives and businesses’ operations. We envision a future where a network of intelligent robots enhances human potential and allows businesses to become the best employers they can be.

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