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Robots are taking over during COVID-19 (and there’s no going back)

With workers sidelined, automation firms are aggressively touting their technology.

Timing is everything. Robots, it seems, are lucky that way.

The global pandemic has sidelined workers across an unthinkable swath of sectors during a particularly tight labor market. Automation solutions that were unthinkable a twenty years ago have blossomed thanks to the convergence of technologies like machine vision, machine learning & AI, open-source robotic operating systems, and mobile components and sensors. A global problem, meet futuristic solution.

Even in a turbulent market (and maybe especially in a turbulent employment environment), investors seem willing to back robots. The latest example: ForwardX Robotics, a Beijing-based robotics firm specializing in logistics, just announced a new round of Series B+ funding in the amount of $15 million, bringing the company’s total funding to more than $40 million.

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