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Privacy Statement 

ForwardX Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“ForwardX”) recognizes the importance of your privacy,We will take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations. 

Before visiting this website, please be sure to carefully read and fully understand this policy. By using our products and services, it will be deemed that you have agreed to what we have described in this policy. If you have questions, please contact us. 

  1. The scope, manner and purpose of our collection of personal information

Personal information refers to all kinds of information recorded electronically or otherwise that can identify a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person, either alone or in combination with other information. Personal information is not considered personal information if the subject of the personal information cannot be identified through anonymization technology processing of the personal information and the processed information cannot be recovered. 

In the course of your use of this website, we may collect your name, date of birth, ID number, personal biometric information, address, correspondence contact method, correspondence records and contents, and account password. This information may be provided to us by you when you use the Site or the features or services it provides, for example, personal information provided when you create an account, or automatically generated or recorded by the system, for example, through cookies and related technologies or from software running on your device, to generate or record information about your use of the Site. 

Depending on the type of personal information and how it is collected, we may use your personal information for the following purposes. 

((a) To create an account. 
(b) To send you notices of website and terms updates, event notices, product or service information. 
(c) To provide you with a personalized user experience. 
(d) Fulfilling your requests, including providing certain features or services and providing user support. 
(e) Conducting data analysis and research to optimize our website and services. 
(f) Avoiding and handling disputes. 
(g) To meet the requirements of law, industry standards or policies. 

  1. How we use cookies and related technologies

We, or our third party partners, may collect information about you through the placement of secure cookies and related technologies for the purpose of providing you with a more personalized user experience and service. We will strictly require our third party partners to comply with the provisions of this policy. 

You may also manage cookies through your browser settings, but please note that if cookies are deactivated, you may not be able to enjoy the best experience with the Services and some Services may not work properly. 

  1. How we store and use your personal information

We store your personal information until you cancel your account, delete your personal information, or we discontinue the respective function or service. After that time, we may still retain some of your personal information and anonymize it to the extent required or permitted by law, to the extent practicable. However, during any period, we will not be liable for the retention of your personal information unless we have intentionally or negligently caused the disclosure of your personal information. 

Your personal information collected by us will be stored and used in Mainland China, unless transferred outside of China in accordance with the terms and procedures set forth in relevant Chinese laws and regulations, within the scope of the purposes and uses of this Privacy Policy, as set forth in Section 8 of this Privacy Policy. 

We will only use your personal information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. If we need to use your personal information for other purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy, we will obtain your consent. 

  1. How we share, transfer and disclose your personal information

(1) Sharing 

We will not share your personal information with any company, organization or individual outside of Harness Technology. With the exception of the following. 

(a) Sharing with express consent: We will share your personal information with other parties after obtaining your express consent. 
(b) Sharing your personal information externally as required by law, or as mandated by governmental authorities. 
(c) For the purpose of investigating, preventing or combating fraud, security incidents or technical problems, or for the purpose of conducting or assisting in litigation, arbitration or other legal proceedings. 
(d) Sharing with our affiliates: Your personal information may be shared with Harness Technology’s affiliates in order to enhance our technology and improve our services. We will only share personal information that is necessary and is subject to the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. If an affiliate changes the purpose for which personal information is processed, your authorized consent will be sought again. 
(e) Sharing with Authorized Partners: Some of our services may be provided by authorized partners solely to fulfill the purposes stated in this policy. We may share certain of your personal information with our partners in order to provide better customer service and user experience. Our partners do not have the right to use the personal information shared for any other purpose 

For companies, organizations and individuals with whom we share personal information, we will ensure that encryption or other security measures are taken to ensure the security of personal information when sharing data, and will require them to handle personal information in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy, and any other relevant security measures. 

(2) Transfers 

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual except to. 

((a) Transfers where express consent is obtained: we will transfer your personal information to other parties after obtaining your express consent. 
(b) In the event of a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy and liquidation involving the transfer of personal information, we will then require the new company or organization holding your personal information to continue to be bound by this privacy policy, or we will require that company or organization to obtain your consent again. 

(3) Public Disclosure 

We will only disclose your personal information publicly if we. 

(a) With your express consent. 
(b) Disclosure based on law: We may disclose your personal information publicly if compelled to do so by law, legal process, litigation or governmental authority. 

  1. How we protect your personal information

We take precautions including organizational, technical and physical measures to help safeguard against the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration and unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, the Personal Data we process or use. 


While we follow generally accepted standards to protect Personal Data, no method of storage or transmission is 100% secure. You are solely responsible for protecting your password, limiting access to your devices and signing out of websites after your sessions. If you have any questions about the security of our websites, please contact us by using the information in the “How to Contact us” section, below. 

  1. Your rights

In accordance with the relevant Chinese laws, regulations and standards, as well as the common practices of other countries and regions, we protect your right to exercise the following rights with respect to your personal information. 

(1) You can access, modify and delete the registration information and other Personal Data provided by you during the use of our services, or contact us in accordance with the notification guidelines. The scope and manner in which you access, modify and delete Personal Data will depend on the specific services you use. 

(2) According to this Private Policy, we will collect and use your Personal Data only to realize the functions of our products or services. If you find that we have violated the provisions of laws, administrative regulations or the agreement between the two sides to collect and use your Personal Data, you can inform us to delete it. If you find that your Personal Data we collect and store is wrong, you can also inform us to correct it. 

(3) When you access, modify and delete relevant information, we may require you to authenticate to ensure the security of your account.  

Please understand that due to technical constraints, legal or regulatory requirements, we may not be able to meet all your requirements, and we will respond to your request within a reasonable period of time.You may also modify your Personal Data or unsubscribe by contacting us using the information in the “How to Contact us” section, below. Please note that opting out of marketing communications does not opt you out of receiving important business communications related to your current relationship with us, such as communications about your subscriptions or event registrations, service announcements or security information. 

  1. Protection of Minors

The relevant functions and services of this website are only for adults. We do not knowingly collect Personal Data from children under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian and believe your child has provided us with Personal Data without your consent, please contact us by using the information in the “How to Contact us” section, below, and we will take steps to delete such Personal Data from our systems. Please note that your request does not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content or information, because, for example, some of your content may have been reposted by another visitor to our websites. 

  1. How your personal information is transferred globally

Your Personal Data may be collected, transferred to and stored by us in China and by our affiliates and third-parties, that are based in other countries. 


Therefore, your Personal Data may be processed outside your jurisdiction, and in countries that are not subject to the personal information protection rules of the Cross-Border Privacy Rules (“CBPR”) or your local legislature and/or regulator, and that may not provide for the same level of data protection as your jurisdiction. We ensure that the recipient of your Personal Data offers an adequate level of protection, for instance by entering into the appropriate back-to-back agreements or we will ask you for your prior consent to such international data transfers. 

  1. How this policy is updated

Our privacy policy is subject to change. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent. We will post any changes or updated versions of this policy on our website or to your email address. We will also keep an older version of this Policy on file for your review. 

  1. How to Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, or if you become aware of a violation of this Privacy Policy by us or our staff, please contact us at 
Address: C4, Beijing Shangde Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, No. 10 Jiancaicheng East Road, Xisanqi, Haidian District, Beijing, . 
This privacy policy is subject to the laws of the people of the People’s Republic of China. Any dispute regarding this policy shall be brought to the People’s Court of competent jurisdiction in Haidian District, Beijing, China. 


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