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ForwardX Max 500 vision-based mobile robots get CE approval in Europe

As more warehouses and distribution centers add automation, new vendors and new technologies such as vision-guided mobile robots are joining the increasingly competitive market.

Robotics developers need to be aware of relevant international safety standards. Last week, ForwardX Robotics Inc. announced that its ForwardX Max 500 robots have obtained CE mark approval for use across Europe. The Max 500 robots combine computer vision with multi-sensor input, said the Chinese company.

Qi Ou, who won the National Robot Competition, founded Smart Technology (Beijing) Co. in 2016. The company does business as ForwardX Robotics and said it has more than 160 patents pending. Out of its team of over 180 people, 120 are engineers, and 10 hold Ph.D.s. This spring, the AMR provider raised 100 million yuan ($14.6 million U.S.) in Series B+ financing.

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