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ForwardX Robotics Launches Flex 60-SW for Precise Mobile Robot Picking

ForwardX Robotics this week launched the Flex 60-SW at Logistic-Tech Tokyo 2023—The Third Innovation Expo. Its latest vision-based autonomous mobile robot, or AMR, includes automatic weighing scales and an interactive touchscreen to improve picking accuracy in the warehouse.

“The introduction of Flex 60-SW marks an exciting milestone for ForwardX Robotics,” stated Nicholas Chee, CEO of ForwardX. “We are proud to establish a new standard for excellence in the industry by offering AMRs that not only increase productivity, but also elevate picking operations to truly astonishing levels of precision.”

Flex 60-SW’s integrated scale will improve picking accuracy, help streamline operations, and eliminate inaccuracies. With real-time weight measurements, warehouse staffers can rely on the AMR to accurately identify and pick the correct items, improving overall efficiency and reducing costly mistakes, it said.

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