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ForwardX Robotics Releases New Flex Series AMR

ForwardX is a global supplier of vision-guided autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Since 2016 the company has been engineering and manufacturing AMRs designed for warehouse operations and manufacturing applications. Featuring AMRs suited for material handling industries, ForwardX models include Apex series autonomous forklifts, Max series conveyors, and its Flex series of flexible AMRs. Recently ForwardX added a new muscle to the Flex series: the Flex 60-SW. 

Picking components quickly and accurately to fulfill orders is an extremely important task and mandatory for warehousing and distributor business models. Controlling order fulfillment often requires weighing orders to ensure the correct amount is present in the packaging, this process can be time-consuming and scales are not commonly found on AMRs, that is, until now.

The Flex 60-SW is built with integrated high-accuracy scales that can report the weight of the picked product within seconds. By using an automatic integrated weighing system the AMR can validate the product that was picked and possibly prevent upset customers. The Flex 60-SW is also equipped with a touchscreen monitor and software that can be configured to display visual queues such as quantities, bar codes, pass/fail indicators, and other visual indicators. The 60-SW has all the same features as the other Flex 60 AMRs in the product family such as a 60kg payload, 180-degree obstacle detection and avoidance, vision guidance, SLAM navigation, and is designed to work alongside operators.

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