ForwardX – ITOCHU | Smart Logistics

ITOCHU’s Pain Points

Need to Increase Productivity

Before implementing our solution, the Tianjin warehouse used a manual paper- based method. This limited their ability to meet growing order volumes and created an operational bottleneck.

Reduce Errors

Errors were high due to their manual methods and error feedback was slow. With high expectations for inventory turnover in the apparel industry, errors caused significant economic loss.

Increase Visibility

Previously only retail locations were equipped with RFID. To increase visibility, ITOCHU needed to digitally upgrade the warehouse to improve efficiency.

Our Solution

Reduce Unproductive Walking

Autonomous navigation and path planning, AMRs relieve workers of long unproductive walks. This keeps them in the aisles where they’re most productive.

Increase Order Accuracy

Directed picking from on-screen prompts makes picking easier for workers. Helping them locate, choose, and store picks, AMRs simplify the picking process. Onboard RFID scanning also ensures orders are picked correctly the first time.

Consolidate Workflows

AMRs help ITOCHU consolidate picking, checking, and packing workflows. RFID scanning, label printing, and packing dispensers allow for an all-in-one process.

The Results

  • Error rate from picking reduced by 90%;
  • Units picked per hour increased by 228% from 140UPH to 320UPH;
  • Onsite deployment completed in 2 weeks.

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