ForwardX to introduce Visual Autonomous Mobile Robot and Robot Computing System at MODEX 2020

At MODEX 2020, ForwardX will be introducing their Visual Autonomous Mobile Robot. Rather than relying on LiDAR SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), ForwardX’s robots depend on a sensor fusion solution with Computer Vision (CV) being the primary source for localization and obstacle avoidance with LiDAR, Encoder, and IMU data as secondary feedback to the control loop. LiDAR is 2D, so 3D CV technology offers a solution suited for warehouse, distribution center, and cellular manufacturing environments.

Given the proliferation of warehouses, distribution centers, direct to consumer (D2C) business models, fleets of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), questioning the validity of innovation is worthy of examination. Unlike in prior years when attendees would walk the show floor for days, many are using the MHI MODEX app and visiting for just a single day. For that reason, ForwardX invites AMR decision-makers to Booth 1207.

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