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Whitepaper: Reshaping Warehousing & Logistics Workflows

Learn about the recent trends and challenges facing the warehousing industry, future forecasts, and what Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are doing to address them. It's no longer a theory, see real-world case studies that demonstrate how AMRs are revolutionizing the warehousing and logistics industry as we know it.

Whitepaper: Meet ForwardX Flex

ForwardX Flex is a roughly 3-foot by 2-foot Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) built to increase productivity, throughput capacity, and labor savings for a wide range of industries. The Flex 300 robot, often just referred to as “Flex,” gets its name for its flexibility and its 300 kg, or 661 lb, payload. Its size and payload make it the perfect robot for piece-picking workflows as well as many case-picking workflows or a mixture of the two.

Whitepaper: The Optimal Time for Investing in AMRs

Compare the costs of adding AMRs today or waiting 5 to 10 years in this whitepaper. We go deep in analyzing the costs based off averages provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and outright purchase models for AMRs to show unbiased comparisons. ForwardX offers Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) purchasing models to decrease the costs even further and deliver a faster ROI.

Whitepaper: Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award

ForwardX Robotics receives Frost & Sullivan’s Excellence in Best Practices Award for Technology Innovation Leadership for AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots Industry—2021. Find out all about Frost & Sullivan’s rigorous analytical process when evaluating nominees in each category and why ForwardX was chosen by their team of experts.
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Reshaping Warehousing & Logistics Workflows

Meet ForwardX Flex

The Optimal Time for Investing in AMRs

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award